Suspect in hate crime style attack on Country music singer Clara Dunn released by authorities in less than four hours

Suspect Albert Boakye was processed and released in the middle of the night

Update: Albert Boakye was given one year probation and no fine. The authorities in Nashville are pampering violent criminals like nothing we have ever seen before.

It is incredible how fast the authorities can process and release a potentially dangerous suspect these days, even in the middle of the night.

Country singer Clara Dunn says a Lyft driver severely beat her in Nashville, TN. She arranged to be picked up by the driver using her cell phone. That driver is Albert Boakye, 46. Boakye is a common surname in Ghana.

Dunn became concerned that Boakye was going to kidnap her after he missed a turn and kept going. When she objected to the way he was going, he pulled over and beat her on the side of the road. She managed to dial 911 on her phone.

The attack took place on June 26th. This morning, at 12:46 AM, August 10th, Albert Boakye was finally arrested by Nashville police.

The story gets even more outrageous. Despite claims by local Nashville media today that Boakye was “in jail,” the authorities released him at 4:01 AM. He was set free in less than four hours even though it was the middle of the night.

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