Lawyer behind Charlottesville rally lawsuit resigns from her own org after helping Cuomo try to discredit an accuser

Roberta Kaplan resigns from women's rights group in disgrace

Roberta Kaplan is a high-profile, left-wing activist lawyer. She is the woman behind the activist lawsuit against organizers and attendees of the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally. Until today, she was the chairman of the board of an “anti-sexual harassment” group called “Time’s Up.”

She has now resigned in disgrace from the “gender equality” group she co-founded. This is because she was outed by New York Attorney General Letitia James as working behind the scenes to discredit Lindsey Boylan, one of Cuomo’s alleged victims. Kaplan tried to shift all blame on Cuomo, accusing him of a “betrayal.”

Cuomo also resigned as Governor of New York earlier today.

Kaplan’s lawsuit against the Unite The Right rally has drug on for four years. Jason Kessler was the rally organizer and is the lead defendant in the case. The lawsuit is being handled by Western District of Virginia federal Judge Norman Moon. A while back, Kessler alleged that he found a picture posted on social media of two of Judge Moon’s clerks posing with the lead plaintiff in the case. The plaintiff is described as a “best friend.”

The clerks are named Joshua LeFebvre and Hutton Marshall. LeFebvre is also referenced in a 2017 article as being close friends with the lead plaintiff. Marshall allegedly is Facebook friends with self-identifying Antifa. Despite the close association with two of his staffers to the lead plaintiff, Judge Moon has denied requests for a change of venue.

It is entirely possible that LeFebvre and/or Marshall have even written some of Moon’s decisions in the case, especially since he is in his 80s. Roberta Kaplan has toured America, raising money for this lawsuit. She has admitted to collecting several million. However, media reports have claimed that a lot of the actual legal work is done by volunteer students.

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