Caught on video: White Antifa stabs Latino protester in front of Los Angeles City Hall, victim in serious condition

The stabbing was caught on video

Hundreds of people attended a protest rally called “Choose Freedom March” in front of Los Angeles City Hall yesterday. They were protesting lockdowns and mandatory vaccines. Antifa Twitter accounts denounced the protesters as “fascists” and “far-right.”

Dozens of Antifa violently attacked the peaceful protesters with chemical irritants, clubs, and at least one knife.

A light-complected man wearing the Antifa “black bloc” uniform was caught on video thrusting a knife at a dark-complected man wearing a purple shirt, an American flag bandana, and an American flag hat. The blade appears to penetrate the right side of his lower chest. Moments later, the man collapses in the intersection. Police say the victim is a Latino in his 20s who was stabbed in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital and is listed as being in serious condition. Had the knife entered the opposite side of his chest, he probably would have died in the street.

Local media is identifying the victim as a participant of the Choose Freedom March.

Immediately after the stabbing, the radical left went into damage control on social media. They flooded Twitter with false claims that an Antifa had been stabbed the “Proud Boys.” As if Antifa wears American flag apparel and the Proud Boys dress in “black bloc.”

Ironically, much of Antifa’s violence in Los Angeles is committed against racial and religious minority groups that they allege they are protecting. In recent weeks, the group has participated in violence against Latinos protesting open bathrooms and pro-Israel Jews.

The unidentified stabbing victim.



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