Heavy armed BLM attack elderly motorist, place victim “under arrest” after smashing up his car

Left-wing violence continues to accelerate in Portland

Despite promises of a crackdown on left-wing violence by the Portland Mayor and the new acting police chief, things are only getting worse by the day.

The latest video to surface shows violent left-wing criminals, some wearing body armor and brandishing guns, blocking traffic at a busy intersection on Northeast MLK. An elderly man in a red SUV is slowly trying to make his way through the intersection when self-described Black Lives Matter activists beginning smashing up his car and popping his tires. They point a shotgun and an AR-15 at the man and threaten him with murder.

The thugs then laugh as they claim they are “providing assistance” to the man as they force him out of his car and take him hostage. You can repeatedly hear people proclaim that they had to put the victim “in his place.”

The perpetrators are so confident that there will be no repercussions for their felonious behavior that they posted the video on social media themselves.

Last year in Seattle, self-described BLM and Antifa murdered a 14-year-old Black male and seriously injured a 16-year-old Black after ordering them to stop their car at gunpoint. The perpetrators have never been brought to justice because everyone involved refused to cooperate with the police. However, an Antifa who was the subject of online rumors, and admitted being at the scene, was recently charged with unrelated crimes by the FBI.

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