Bus driver beaten by mob then charged with major felonies

Charles Fieros used a concealed handgun to stop a mob attack

Video shows a mob of young Black males brutally beating Charles Fieros, 48, on December 17th. Fieros was working as a transit bus driver in Jersey City, NJ.

Fieros was standing outside the parked bus when he was attacked. The perps were stopping him while he was on the ground.

The attack ends when the victim pulls a concealed handgun and fires. A 15-year-old Black male was shot in the abdomen. All of the attackers flee. The handgun may have saved Fieros’ life. Fieros was transported to Jersey City Medical Center for injuries to his head and torso.

However, the victim of the attack is now being charged with a laundry list of serious crimes.

Attempted Murder
Aggravated Assault
Unlawful possession of a handgun
Unlawful possession of high capacity magazines
Receiving stolen property

The gun was allegedly purchased illegally, and police say it was reported stolen in Norfolk, Virginia. Fieros could not legally purchase a gun due to an illegal firearms charge from 1993.

Prosecutors asked for him to be held without bail.

Less than one week later, another Jersey City transit bus driver was also beaten by a mob of Black perpetrators.


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