Non-Whites commit nearly all anti-Jewish physical attacks in NYC

Most perps are never prosecuted or get a minor plea deal

Americans Against Antisemitism [AAA] is a non-profit run by former Democrat New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Israel B. Bitton. 

Last July, AAA published a report on anti-Jewish hate crime attack prosecutions in New York City from 2018-2021They found that nearly all anti-Jewish attacks in New York are committed by “another minority.” They also found that most perpetrators are either never prosecuted or get off with a wrist-slap plea deal.

Despite the narratives pushed by the ADL and the media, there is no significant connection between “White supremacy” and anti-Jewish attacks in NYC.

AAA also lists numerous violent attacks on Jews, where a Black or Latino perpetrator berated the victims racially/religiously, and the NYPD refused to classify the attack as a hate crime. Even when the NYPD does treat an attack as a hate crime, AAA says they are just engaged in “political theater” and are not trying to prosecute anyone aggressively.

Many attacks on Asians, Jews, Latinos, and homosexual Whites are classified as hate crimes by the NYPD. However, similar attacks against Whites are virtually never classified this way. The lack of prosecution described by AAA is probably even worse for heterosexual, non-Jewish White victims since they will get even less special attention from police and prosecutors.

Now, AAA has published more data saying they have collected information on 154 anti-Jewish physical attacks and 40 anti-Jewish verbal assaults occurring in NYC between 2018 and 2022.

Of the 154 physical assaults, they have information on the suspects in 99 cases. Almost none were committed by a White perpetrator.

69% Black
17% Middle Eastern
11% Hispanic
3% White

Few suspects are ever arrested. Less than half are ever charged. Only Two suspects in these attacks have been sentenced to any prison time so far.


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