Yale Prof says opposition to “public sex” is racist against Black people and rooted in “White supremacy”

This is the kind of stuff being promoted to students at Yale

Joseph Fischel is a professor at Yale who teaches Marxist critical theory and advocates “sexual justice.” He opposes age of consent laws, as well the traditional family unit.

In his latest work, he advocates that children be exposed to public displays of adult nudity and sexual behavior, including “sex acts.” Fischel claims this is necessary to “end racism and homophobia.” He says that all distinctions between private and public behavior are arbitrary and “heteronormative.”

Fischel claims that opposition to public sex is based on racism against Black people and rooted in “White supremacy.”


Nevertheless, I assert that these anti-sex, anti-kink complaints are not only wrong but also racist and bad for children. In what follows, I tour through a series of legal arguments about the risks and rewards of public sex before considering how these arguments dovetail with historical concerns about the overpolicing and hypersexualizing of Black communities.

If an earlier Black feminism tilted sexually conservative in order to ward off exploitative, racist depictions of Black sexuality, more contemporary Black feminist thought emphatically refuses “the politics of respectability,” asking instead what hedonic, more just world we might make together should we “turn the tables” on white supremacist denigrations of the supposed sexual and appetitive excess of the Black community

In other words, the criminalization and demonization of prostitution, vice, and public indecency ought to have laid the groundwork for a cross-racial, working-class, queer coalitional politics against the scapegoating and criminalizing of minority communities. White supremacy got in the way.

He also says that public displays of homosexual sexual behavior are no more offensive than when has to endure hearing conservative opinions in public.

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