Woman charged with killing a baby while out on bond for killing her own baby

Woman has four dead children and is charged with killing another woman's baby

In July 2022, Mary Curtis, 37, was charged with killing her own 17-day-old baby. The baby overdosed on methadone. She was charged in St. Louis County with endangering the welfare of a child, interference with custody, and possession of a controlled substance. According to prosecutors, she resisted arrest, fled from officers, and crashed her car.

While out on bond, she allegedly killed a 17-month-old she was babysitting. Police say Brailey Stevenson died from fentanyl and xylazine on March 20th while Curtis was supposed to be watching her.

Curtis is also under investigation for the death of her two twins, who died shortly after birth in 2020. The babies were born prematurely with drugs in their systems. Curtis admits to being on fentanyl at the time but says she did not know she was pregnant.

Curtis also had a fifteen-year-old daughter named Emily, who was recently shot in the face and killed on the south side of St. Louis last February.

Curtis has now been given a one million-dollar cash-only bond.

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