Will attempted color revolution in SA spark civil war?

South Africa's infrastructure is rapidly collapsing

The Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] is a “revolutionary Marxist” party. They called for a “national shutdown” today, March 20th, to “bring down the African National Congress [ANC].” The ANC has been the ruling party since the end of Apartheid.

It was to begin at 6 PM South African time yesterday and last all day today. The EFF had been accused of threatening violence to prevent people from going to work today. So far, there have only been reports of vandalism, tire fires, and people blocking traffic. The South African Police force and local city police forces mobilized in advance and were out in force.

EFF leader Julius Melema called Ramaphosa a project of the White man while addressing the main rally.

South Africa’s infrastructure is rapidly collapsing. The electric grid, clean water, and sewage are failing across the nation.

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