Eight White South African farmers have been slaughtered in the past month, some brutally tortured

The bodies keep piling up

South Africa’s White farmers are constantly being targeted for gruesome racially motivated murders.

September 29th: Etuenne du Toit, 53, was found beaten to death with an iron rod on Sterkspruit farm outside Mbombela. This is in Mpumalanga province.

September 27th: Dr. Jesse Coleman, 72, was found in a pool of blood with his hands and feet tied on his farm in Klipspruit Waaikraal, Mpumalanga province. He was a well known veterinarian.

September 23rd: Gideon Swart, 52, was found with his feet tied and covered in stab wounds on a farm in Emgwenya, Mpumalanga province.

September 21st: Fran Veter, 68, was hacked to death with machetes on his farm in Rustenburg, North West province. There were four perpetrators. Two have been apprehended.

September 15th: Victor Janse van Rensburg, 60, was shot and killed on a farm in Thornhill, Eastern Cape province. He was the caretaker of the owner of the farm.

September 6th: Marthiens Richter, 68, and his wife Elsa were tied up and brutally tortured. Marthiens died, Elsa survived, but is covered in burns.

September 6th: Nikolaas Johannes Steenkamp, 59, was found dead with his body tied up on his farm in Maroelasfontein, Limpopo province. Five perpetrators have been apprehended.

August 26th: Pieter van der Westhuizen was shot and killed on a farm in Zeerust, North West province. He was part of a group of farmers that responded to another farm attack.

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