Outrage over the media’s downplaying of the Waukesha Massacre is now trending on Twitter

And leftists are angry about it!

Once the media discovered that the Waukesha Massacre suspect was a Black male, who supported BLM and promoted violence against White people online, some outlets began aggressively downplaying the mass killing.

NBC National News was perhaps the most egregious perpetrator of this. They flat out claimed it was a mere “accident.”

Now, people are understandably angry at the media. Outrage over the media’s coverage of the massacre is now trending on Twitter. It is somewhat rare to see a trending discussion that goes against the establishment corporate media. Twitter is designed to favor left-wing, pro-media dialogue and even engages in censorship to keep other topics from trending.

However, many leftists on Twitter are defending NBC and other media outlets by screaming insults and engaging in gas-lighting. For example, here we see high profile left-wing radical Kurt Eichenwald, who has worked for the New York Times and Newsweek, engaging in gas-lighting to defend the media.

Below are two headline from NBC National news. One calls the massacre a “wreck.” The other calls the massacre an “accident.”

According to video clips, eyewitness accounts, police, and the probable cause affidavit, the massacre was 100% intentional. Not to mention the fact that the suspect was previously charged with using his car to intentionally run over the mother of his child two week earlier.

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