High end luxury stores hit with organized looting in Los Angeles and Chicago

Media pretends like they can't understand why this is happening

For months, young Black males and females have engaged in the organized looting of luxury stores in the California Bay Area. There were two major examples in the past week. Last Monday, as many as eighty people blocked traffic with their cars and then looted the Walnut Greek Nordstrom in San Francisco. Two Nordstrom employees were assaulted. Police only managed to arrest three suspects. They are Black males aged 19 to 32. One day before that, a mob of 40-50 “young people” looted a jewelry store in Hayward, across the bay from San Francisco. Police say that after the jewelry store’s initial attack, a “smaller second wave” arrived to steal even more.

Now, luxury stores have been hit by similarly organized mobs in Chicago, where a Luis Vuitton store was looted, and Los Angeles, where the Nordstrom was looted. Surveillance video shows over a dozen young Black males carrying out the attack on the Luis Vuitton store.

In the Los Angeles Nordstrom attack, a mob smashed a window and climbed through the broken glass. Between ten to twenty people participated. Los Angeles police chased down three suspects and arrested them. No information on these suspects has been given out in the media.

It is easy to explain why this phenomenon is spreading. The attacks take place in jurisdictions that coddle criminals. Most of the District Attorneys in the Bay Area are “progressives” that believe in treating criminals as victims of circumstance. The same is true for Los Angeles and Chicago.

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