USA Today defends notorious Black Power militia leader who faces felony menacing charges

He is probably as big a threat to his own members as he is to the public

Grand Master Jay is as much a threat to his own members as he is to the public

John Fitzgerald Johnson, AKA “Grandmaster Jay,” is the leader of the so-called “Not F*cking Around Coalition” [NFAC]. For the past year and a half, he has been leading armed marches, where he often makes violent threats about murdering White people.

In July of 2020, Johnson held a march in Louisville, Kentucky, where a member of NFAC accidentally fired an AR-15, injuring three other members. The bullet hit the asphalt at point-blank range, ricocheting fragments, and seriously wounded three people. Grandmaster Jay defended the accidental discharge claiming it was caused by a flaw in the weapon’s design.

Grandmaster Jay was later charged with menacing members of law enforcement with a loaded rifle. The alleged victims included federal agents. The agents were stationed on a rooftop and Jay allegedly aimed the rifle directly at them. Jay was arrested by federal agents on September 4th and charged with five felonies.

In June of 2021, an active member of NFAC ambushed and murdered a White police officer in Florida.

The writers at USAToday are advocating that Grandmaster Jay be given special consideration because of the color of his skin. His crime must be placed in “historical context.”

Video: White paramedic saves the day for three members of Johnson’s Black Power militia after they were shot by one of their fellow members:

Youtube video about his original state charges:

Former supports accused Grandmaster Jay of stealing his supporter’s money just days ago:

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