Antifa threatens motorist with murder during Grand Rapids riot

Antifa & BLM are still committing violence with impunity

BLM and Antifa rioted in Grand Rapids Michigan. They blocked traffic, beat on cars, and at least one person threatened a motorist at gunpoint.

An Antifa is a gas mask cocks a pistol and points it at the driver as other Antifa help block the victim’s vehicle. Antifa and BLM killed and injured many people doing this in 2020.

BLM was also staging a violent demonstration in Pittsburgh. Perhaps they should have been more concerned that young Blacks were murdering each other at a nearby party later that night.

The woman in this video clip is BLM leader Victoyia Townes, who was charged with intimidation, rioting, and assault in 2020. These charges stemmed from racial attacks on White pedestrians during BLM rioting in September of 2020. So far, it does not appear that she has ever been prosecuted.

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