Couple allegedly tortures kitten at Miami beach, demands $1k from horrified onlookers, fights with police

Immediately released from jail with almost no bond

Natalie Martin, a witness, adopted the kitten

A couple was seen brutalizing a kitten at a crowded beach in Miami. They allegedly demanded $1,000 to stop torturing the helpless animal when asked to stop.

The kitten is said to have been barely alive when police arrived and asked the pair to leave. Then the pair allegedly fought with police for several minutes. It took eight officers to wrestle the thugs to the ground.

Jamarria Wayne, 22, was charged with multiple felonies for battery, as well as misdemeanor resisting and misdemeanor animal abuse. She was immediately released on a $12k bond. John Laguerre, 27, was charged with two misdemeanors and released on a $2k bond. They declined to claim custody of the kitten. Natalie Martin, a witness, adopted the kitten herself.

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