Black “leaders” in Maryland launch “Emmitt Till Alert” to shamelessly divert attention away from Black crime

You should be worried about alleged threats of White violence instead of real Black violence

Maryland’s “Caucus of African American Leaders” has officially launched its “Emmitt Till Alert” system. It is supposed to be like an “Amber Alert,” but it warns Black people of an alleged threat of White-on-Black violence.

The first warning was an alleged threat of White violence against Black daycare centers. So far, no evidence has been presented that this was a real threat and not wholly fictional.

Meanwhile, in the real world:

For 2020, Maryland police departments reported to the FBI that a staggering 84.5% of all known homicide suspects were Black. Further, 83.7% of all homicide victims in the state were Black. For the city of Baltimore, 94.0% of homicide suspects were Black.

In 2021, most police departments in Maryland stopped cooperating with the FBI and did not provide data. 99.3% of Maryland police departments provided data for 2020, but only 11.7% of police departments provided data for 2021. However, of the police departments that did, 69.1% of known offenders were still Black.

Maryland is 32% Black, but a considerable majority of all murders in the entire state are Black on Black. Blacks also kill many non-Black victims.

Yet, they are trying to send the message that Black people should be more concerned about alleged threats of White-on-Black violence instead of the Black-on-Black violence that occurs in Maryland daily. It is easy to see that these “African American Leaders” are trying to divert attention away from the real problems of the Black community and stir up more animous against White people.

This is much like the story of Emmitt Till itself. Emmitt’s father, Louis Till, was convicted of raping three White females and murdering his third victim. Yet only the murder of Emmitt is important. The White victims are of no importance.

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