The Times: North African crime surging in Italy, but they have a thriving rap music scene!

Is violent crime is a small price to pay for great rap music?

The Times published an essay on the predictable explosion of violent crime by North African immigrants and their descendants. It is titled “Crime surges in Italy’s migrant ghettos.”

North African continue arriving illegally in Italy as far-left “charities” actively encourage them to make the treacherous journey. Yesterday, 280 illegal aliens arrived at the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa in a packed wooden ship. Most of the passengers are citizens of Egypt and Bangladesh. Seven of the passengers died of hypothermia. Usually, illegal immigration slows to a trickle in the wintertime, but Italy has seen illegal aliens arriving at over double the frequency of 2021 or 2020.

Illegal aliens tend to be young males from middle-class families in their native countries. They generally pay around 4,000 Euro or more to criminal gangs. For years, Bangladeshi have made up the largest non-Africa group illegally entering Europe from the North African coast. Middle-class Bangladeshi book vacations in North Africa and then come to Europe with the help of criminal gangs and “charities.” While media outlets and “charities” describe the people as “refugees,” this is a false narrative. The people are pursuing a higher standard of living in Europe. Many will eventually try to make their way to Britain, Germany, or Sweden, where they can receive the most lavish benefits from the government.

The newspaper states that while Italy has not seen the Islamic extremism seen in France, the rise of immigrant violence follows the same trend that has already played out in France. Of course, The Times recycles the same false narratives used to explain surging violent crime in the USA and Britain. Obvious the reason is racism and Covid-19 lockdown measures. It is funny how all across the USA and Western Europe, Covid-19 lockdown measures only caused violent crime rates to rise among particular groups. While, in many other parts of the world, violent crime decreased because of Covid-19 lockdown measures.

However, the British paper found a silver lining. Italy now has a thriving rap music scene.

The Times…

Instead a thriving rap music scene in San Siro has produced national stars: Seven 7oo, a track by a local group of rappers, has notched up 14 million views on YouTube. The lyrics feature French words, evidence of the influence of French banlieue culture.

The pair have an unusual champion in Father Claudio Burgio, 52, a priest who works with Father Rigoldi and who has counselled Baby Gang. “They are unfairly targeted. The guns and crime are in their videos because that is what they grew up seeing, and rap allows them to get out their rage. It’s the therapy they have never had,” he said.

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