Dallas pays Black trans activist group to paint six “Black Lives Matter” crosswalks

This is supposed to mitigate Black on Black murders

Dallas saw a considerable spike in homicides in 2020, with an increase in Black on Black killing being the predominant factor. While Dallas is 24.3% Black, 75.9% of known homicides suspects were Black in 2020.

The Dallas police department was so overwhelmed by homicides that they had to slash other services at the beginning of 2021. The elevated homicide rate continued for the first half of 2021. However, the city did see its homicide rate fall during the second half of 2022.

Total homicides:

2011: 133 (44 year low)
2020: 251 (22 year high)
2021: 220

Homicides in Dallas remained overwhelmingly Black on Black in 2021.

The latest effort to fight Black on Black killings is to pay a left-wing non-profit, Abounding Prosperity Inc, to paint giant “All Black Lives Matter” signs in the street at six south Dallas crosswalks. However, the word “All” is tiny compared to the other letters. So the signs still look like the highly political “Black Lives Matter” slogan.

Abounding Prosperity Inc. specializes in promoting transsexual issues within Dallas’ Black community. This is a classic example of elected officials pumping tax-payer dollars directly into left-wing activism.

The following intersections will getting Black Lives Matter slogans painted around them.

  • Al Lipscomb Way and S. Ervay Way
  • Al Lipscomb Way and S. Harwood St.
  • Al Lipscomb Way and Malcolm X Blvd.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and Colonial Ave.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and Malcolm X Blvd.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and Jackson Blvd.

Homicide victims in Dallas

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