Soros, Gates, Omidyar funded the take-over of Maine’s newspapers

Why are left-wing billionaires interested in Maine's newspapers?

A wide assortment of left-wing billionaires are all tied to purchasing Maine’s most prominent newspaper network. This includes George Soros, Pierre Omidyar, Bill Gates, Hansjörg Wyss, and others.

The National Trust for Local News [NTLN], a non-profit entity, has purchased twenty-two newspapers from the Masthead Media Company. The acquisition includes five daily papers and seventeen weeklies. Neither side has disclosed the purchase price or the terms of the deal.

Before the purchase, the NTLN had a list of their primary funders featured prominently at the bottom of the front page of their website. This list has now been deleted. According to Maine Wire, NTLN promised a more detailed disclosure of its backers after the deal was finalized. It has been nearly two months, and this disclosure never came.

Soros runs the openly far-left Open Society Foundations. Wyss runs the Wyss Foundation, which funds multiple groups on the list. According to American for Public Trust, Wyss has pumped hundreds of millions into left-wing American groups. EBay founder Pierre Omidyar runs the left-wing Democracy Fund. Bill and Melinda Gates run the Gates family foundation.

The list also includes the openly left-wing Way to Rise. Their website prominently states that they are investing in “narrative change.”

The website Semafor believes Maine is being targeted because it is a “swing state” in US elections.

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