Manhattan’s new Soros-funded DA says armed robbery is now a misdemeanor!

Armed robbers are just victims

Alvin Bragg became the new District Attorney of Manhattan on January 1st. Last November, he was elected after the Soros funded “Color of Change” spent one million dollars to campaign for him.

Bragg claims that violent criminals are not being coddled enough, and he has vowed not to send people to prison except for the absolute most severe crimes. His new guidelines say perpetrators of armed robbery will only be prosecuted for larceny!

Usually, armed robbery would result in a Class B felony, and the perp would face up to 25 years. Under the guidelines set forth by Alvin Bragg, they would instead face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Armed robbery is just one of the many charges that Bragg is vowing to under-prosecute.

Bragg advocates a radical ideology that says criminals are just victims of circumstance.

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