Rash of migrant mob violence in Germany

Another big Eritrean riot

There was another major Eritrean riot in Germany. There is where two rival political factions of Eritreans have been beating each other across three continents. This took place in Stuttgart on September 17th.

However, were was also smaller incidents of migrant mob violence captured on film in Bamberg and Lübeck on the same day.

July 8th – Giessen, Germany
August 3rd – Stockholm, Sweden
August 5th – Toronto, Canada
August 5th – Seattle, USA
August 19th – Edmonton, Canada
September 2nd – Bergen, Norway
September 2nd – Tel Aviv, Israel
September 2nd – Opfikon, Switzerland
September 2nd – Calgary, Canada
September 17th – Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany:


Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany:


Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany:


Dresden, Saxony, Germany:


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9 months ago

Non-German savages need to be deported as well as the race traitors who support them.