Sky Italia TG24 accuses Ukrainian forces of executing people in Bucha

What really happened in Bucha?

TG24 is a 24/7 cable news channel and the flagship of Sky Italia, Italy’s third-largest broadcaster. Rupert Murdoch founded Sky Italia as the Italian branch of Sky News. It is part of Sky Group, which Comcast currently owns.

When Russian forces were trying to surround Kiev, numerous Ukrainian politicians, such as celebrity mayor Vitali Klitschko talked openly about “neutralizing” and “eliminating” so-called “saboteurs.” Then after Russian forces left Bucha, Kiev claimed dozens of murdered civilians were left behind. Some of Kiev’s own photos of these victims showed them wearing Russian IFF armbands. Among the murder victims was a high-profile Ukrainian politician Oleksandr Rzhavskyy, who was part of Zelensky’s opposition.

This leads to the obvious question. Why would Russian soldiers target people cooperating with the Russian army and an Opposition Bloc politician who was said to be sympathetic to Russia?

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