Czech speaker of the Chamber launches “A Sweatshirt Against Putin” Campaign

"Make Sweater, Not War"

Markéta Pekarová Adamová is the speaker of the Czech Republic Chamber of Deputies and represents the political party TOP-09.

TOP-09 is part of Spolu, a coalition of three parties similar to what American’s would call “neo-conservative.” They run the Czech government in a coalition with the Mayors and Independents [STAN], and the left-wing Pirate Party.

Adamová suggested that the Czech people can use less gas and electricity this winter by wearing a sweatshirt inside their homes. She was widely mocked. So she doubled-down and launched an entire campaign called “A Sweatshirt Against Putin.” She even launched a website dedicated to wearing sweatshirts indoors to “fight Putin.”

The Czech Republic has some of the highest energy prices in Europe right now. While the country produces a lot of electricity, this is sold to Germany. The Czech people must then buy their electricity back from German companies. Also, the Czech Republic enacted a full embargo against Russian natural gas. However, they are buying Russian natural gas from Germany at a huge mark-up.

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