Second suspect charged for politically motivated mob attack on Rubio canvasser

Local media finally concedes it was politically motivated

Jonathan Casanova, 27, is the second person arrested for the attack on Christopher Monzon in Hialeah, Florida.

Police say Casanova and Javier Lopez launched an unprovoked politically motivated attack on Monzon and even threatened to murder him. Casanova and Lopez blocked the sidewalk and explicitly stated that they didn’t want any Republicans in their neighborhood. According to the police report, they rushed toward Monzon and knocked him down. Then they kicked and punched him while he was already on the ground.

Several Florida media outlets have aggressively downplayed the brutal beating and even attacked the victim. Many Antifa accounts on Twitter have publicly celebrated the attack.

Both suspects have been charged with aggravated battery. Casanova was immediately bonded out. Javier Lope, 25, has not been bonded out. He lives with his parents, who witnessed the attack. His mother told the media that he was already on probation and they were not planning to bond him out this time.

WPLG Channel 10 previously ran a false headline claiming the attack was not politically motivated. They now concede that it was politically motivated in their latest article.

Monzon suffered severe injuries. He has now returned to the hospital due to complications.

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