Saudi Arabia accused of killing hundreds of illegal aliens in the last year

Open borders group levies major accusations against Saudi Arabia

Note: Human Rights Watch [HRW] is a far-left open borders outfit that falsely calls all economic migrants “asylum seekers.”

Each year, economic migrants from sub-Saharan Africa get shot and killed while trying to enter countries in the Middle East illegally. However, HRW alleges that the Saudi Arabian border guards have “killed hundreds” of illegal aliens in just fifteen months.

According to the associated press, 750,000 Ethiopians currently live in Saudi Arabia. Over half of these entered the country illegally. The Shiite Houthi, which Saudi Arabia recently fought a war against, are accused of smuggling Ethiopians into Saudi Arabia for cash.

Saudi Arabia denies that the claims made by HRW are valid.

Ethiopia did have a regional war in the Tigray region, which ended last November. The country is now at peace, the people of Tigray have been granted new legal protections, and humanitarian groups have full access to all areas.

If people from the Tigray region legitimately thought their life was in danger, they could enter Eritrea and file for asylum. This could be considered a legitimate asylum claim under international conventions. Instead, they leave Eritrea and illegally enter war-ravaged Yemen, a country that is more dangerous than the place they left. Then from Yemen, they attempt to enter Saudi Arabia illegally. This is not a legitimate “asylum seeker.”

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