14 US cities have joined a movement advocating ZERO meat and dairy consumption

Movement falsely claims meat is unhealthy

Ninety-six city governments, around the world, have signed up for a nefarious movement called C40 Cities. Fourteen of these cities are in the United States, which is more member cities than any other nation.

The group was created by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Children’s Investment Fund, and Realdania. Major financial contributors include the governments of Germany, Denmark, Britain, and George Soro’s Open Society Foundation. Some of the companies listed as major sponsors include IKEA, Google, FedEx, and L’Oréal. The Clinton Foundation and the World Bank are also listed as partners.

C40 Cities explicitly says that membership must be earned and maintained. The group says it has eleven “inactive members,” who no longer meet the requirements remain a member. Former, inactive members include Tel Aviv, Ammon, Dubai, Bangkok, Karachi, Santiago, three cities in India, and cities in China and Bangladesh. Interestingly, every single inactive member is outside of North America and Europe.

Of the thirteen members listed as “innovators,” all thirteen are located inside North America or Europe except for one. The only other is Freetown, Sierra Leone.

This document outlines the “consumption goals” for C40 Cities. Since at least 2019, the C40 has called for eliminating all consumption of meat and dairy. They first call for a dramatic reduction, followed by the eventual phasing out.

C40 Cities also has a goals of eliminating all cars and most airline travel. It also advocates that clothing purchases be limited to only three items per year.

Austin – Since 2006 – “C40 Cities Innovator City”
Boston – Since 2014
Chicago – Since 2005
Houston – Since 2006
Los Angeles – Since 2006 – Eric Garcetti attended 2022 Mayors Summit
Miami – Since 2020 – Francis Suarez attended 2022Mayor Summit
New Orleans – Since 2006 – “C40 Cities Innovator City”
New York City – Since 2005 – Eric Adams attended 2022 Mayors Summit
Philadelphia – Since 2005
Phoenix – Since 2020 – US member of C40 Cities Steering Committee
Portland – Since 2006 – “C40 Cities Innovator City”
San Francisco – 2005
Seattle – Since 2006
Washington DC – Since 2012

At least three US mayors were part of the 2022 C40 Cities World Mayors Summit in Buenos Aires. There may be others, but there is not a full list of all mayors who attended.

These goals were first published in 2019, and have been re-endorsed each year.


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