Racial breakdown of 2022 homicides in St. Paul, MN

For each White-on-White killing, two Whites were killed by a non-White

This is our third year making a comprehensive analysis of St. Paul, MN homicides by race.

Click here for 2021 report.
Click here for 2020 report.

In 2022, St. Paul had forty homicides investigations. One was a justified police shooting. Four others were determined to be self-defense.

Of the thirty-five criminal homicides, thirty have a suspect. Blacks made up 70% of known suspects.

Here is the breakdown:

Black-on-Black: 15
Black-on-White: 4
Black-on-Latino: 1
Black-on-Asian: 1

White-on-White: 3

Latino-on-Black: 2
Latino-on-White: 2
Latino-on-Latino: 1

Asian-on-Asian: 1

Note that the five killings by Latinos represents a huge spike over 2020 and 2021, which had zero known homicide suspects who were Latino.

St. Paul Demographics from US Census:

White alone: 51%
Asian: 19%
Black: 16%
Latino: 8.7%
Mixed: 4.6%
American Indian: .7%

Of the five victims with no suspect, four are Black and one is American Indian.

For homicides with a known suspect, three Whites were killed by White people. No non-Whites were killed by a White. However, six Whites were killed by a non-White suspect!

Whites killed by a non-White suspect:

Alex Becker, 22, was randomly murdered outside his home. Police are calling it “a robbery.” Multiple Black suspects were charged.

Jason Murphy, 40, and Jon Wentz, 56, were both stabbed to death in a sober living home. A Latino suspect claimed the tv set told him to do it.

Angelica Gonzalez, 33, was killed in a mass shooting alongside two other Black victims. The suspect is a Black male.

Jeffrey C. Foss, 59, was murder in front of his apartment building. A Black male was arrested.

James Jeffrey King Sr., 57, was killed in a drive-by shooting on his house. Police believe a Black male neighbor killed him because King had asked him to turn his music down.

St. Paul homicides:

1992: 34 (268k, 12.7 per 100k) – All time record homicide rate record

2018: 16 (307k, 5.2 per 100k)
2019: 30 (308k, 9.7 per 100k)
2020: 34 (311k, 10.9 per 100k)
2021: 38 (307k, 12.4 per 100k)
2022: 35 (307k, 11.4 per 100k)

St. Paul differs from the vast majority of US cities. There was a surge surge in homicides in 2019 before nationwide BLM riots. Most American cities saw a big surge in 2020, one year later.

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