Bulgaria & Romania rank lowest in vax doses and excess mortality

How could this happen?

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control says that 75.6% of citizens in EU member nations have taken a primary dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and 54.6% have returned for a first booster. A second booster shot has been administered to 14.2%, and a third booster has been administered to 1.7%.

Bulgaria ranks dead last, with only 30.1% taking the primary dose. Romania is second to last at 42.2%.

The most common vaccine administered in Europe is Comirnaty, another name for the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. The second most common is Spikevax, another name for the Moderna mRNA vaccine.

In a shocking twist, Eurostat reported a huge spike in excess mortality across Europe at the end of 2022. They do not provide data for all nations. However, out of the twenty-six nations listed, only two had excess mortality of zero or less. These nations were Bulgaria and Romania.

Eurostat does not show data for Italy, which has one of the highest vaccination rates. However, Euromomo tracks Italy and confirms a spike in excess mortality at the same time.

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