Cop murdered at High School basketball game after suspect was asked to put a mask on

Where is BLM now?

Cpl Martinus Mitchum worked for the Tulane University Police Department and was also a reserve constable for New Orleans. He was working security for a basketball game at George Washington Carver High School in New Orleans.

John Shallerhorn, 35, got into an argument with a High School staff member when asked to put a mask on at the door. The city of New Orleans has mandated that everyone wear a mask inside public places. Mitchum intervened and asked the suspect to leave. He was shot in the chest and died of his wound a couple of hours later.

Police also discovered that an armed mugging occurred in the High School parking lot before Mitchum was shot. A victim was held up at gunpoint and had a chain necklace stolen. Shallerhorn is also the suspect for the mugging.

He has been charged with first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer and armed robbery.

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