DC Public Charter School pushing Revolutionary Marxism, Black Liberation, says babies are racially biased

And it only costs taxpayers $25k per pupil

Children’s Community School, Philadelphia, PA is the source of the racist babies flyer.

Capital City Public Charter School [CCPCS] is a privately run but publicly funded school in the Washington DC school district. The school is using a clenched fist as part of its logo on faculty t-shirts. The clenched fist was originally used by communist groups in Europe in the 1920s. It was adopted by the Black Panthers, who supported Marxism, in the 1960s and is now used as both a symbol of Marxism and Black Nationalism in the USA.

The website for CCPCS calls for Black Liberation, National Liberation and promotes Liberation School, an organization dedicated to “Revolutionary Marxism.”

Ironically, the school is majority Latino, even though their website aggressively panders to the Black Lives Matter movement and Black Nationalism. CCPCS is for children aged 3 to 18 (grades PK3 through 12). Blacks make up 30% of students, while Latinos make up 59%. Whites only account for 7%, which drops to only 3% among high school students.

CCPCS is also distributing a flyer that says babies begin exhibiting racial bias at age three months. It says that if you don’t teach your children about race at a young age, it “re-enforces racism.” The flyer comes from Children’s Community School, a pre-school in Philadelphia. Their website contains resources for teaching preschoolers about race, homosexuality, and transsexualism. Resources like “Mama, Ella Has A Penis!” The pre-school lists Social Justice as one of their “four pillars” of learning and teaching.

Some websites are listing the Arizona Department of Education as the source of the flyer. The Arizona Department of Education is has posted a link to the flyer on the CCPCS website.

CCPCS has a published budget of over $25 million for 2021. Last year, they had 992 students. That comes out to over $25k per student!

DC Schools are among the most lavishly funded in the USA, yet performance is a national embarrassment. If Washington DC were a state, their schools would be ranked number two in spending and dead last in academic performance.


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