Over 45 have died during Zulu rioting, mostly from being trampled. Military deployed.

This is bad ...

From Renaissance Horizon (Youtube / Odysee)

Dozens have been killed in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. Another 10-18 are dead in Soweto, a 40% Zulu township in the province of Gauteng. Most died from being trampled. Mobs of rioters knocked each other down and trampled each other in bids to steal the most desirable items. The rioting is still limited to heavily Zulu areas, and others have set up roadblocks. In at least one case, a group of armed men is seen shooting weapons to keep a mob of hundreds at bay.

Last night, the president of South Africa pleading with his countrymen not to engage in racial or tribal warfare. He deployed 2,500 members of the military to stop the rioting. Over 800 people have been arrested.

While the Zulu is probably the most romanticized group of South Africans outside of Africa, there is deep animosity within South Africa. The Zulu began when another Nguni tribe, living north of modern South Africa, split into two sub-clans in the 1600s. Zulu kaMalandela, who led the Zulu sub-clan, was driven into Mozambique by his brother. The group migrated to South Africa later on, where Shaka Zulu was born in the late 1700s. Shaka completely militarized the culture of the Zulu, changing even their holidays and style of dress from other Nguni tribes. He notably altered their spears and shields to make them more suitable for actual formations and tactics.

Shaka Zulu launched brutal genocidal wars against the other Nguni and Tswana tribes in the region. Other groups were defeated and placed on forced marches with no supplies. This gives us South African place names live “Valley of the Cannibals” and “Cannibal Mountain,” where Shaka Zulu’s victims died of mass starvation. Zulu then invited the British into eastern South Africa, giving two British traders the deed to a giant track of land around modern-day Durban to import British trade goods.

The Kwa-Zulu-Natal is not only the best land in South Africa; it is some of the best lands in the world. Extremely fertile, rich in mineral resources, and has a beautiful coastline.

Some of the worst fighting during the end of Apartheid was between the ANC and the Zulu. At the time, the rank and file ANC members primarily represented urban Blacks, many of whom were imported by the British as workers with no local tribal affiliations. The largest Zulu party was the nationalistic Inkatha Freedom Party.

The Zulu were poised to keep the nicest chunk of South Africa as an independent homeland under the Apartheid plan. While they were willing to let Swaziland and Lesotho remain free, the ANC felt it was crucial to keep the Natal part of the country. To appease the Zulu, the ANC agreed to the so-called Ingonyama Trust in 1994. The trust placed 11,000 square miles of highly desirable land directly under the control of the Zulu tribal authority. That is a landmass bigger than Wales, Sicily, or Slovenia!

Later, the Zulu used their superior numbers to take over the ANC from within, leading to Jacob Zuma, a Zulu president.

There remains intense animosity against the Zulu in South Africa, and many non-Zulu are clamoring to take away their land trust. The Marxist EFF, led by Julius Malema, is famous for its genocidal rhetoric against the White South Africans. However, they are also demanding that the Zulu land trust be seized and redistributed.

Currently, Zulu rioters appear to be destroying their own neighborhoods, reminiscent of so-called “Race Riots” in the United States. However, if rioters spread to non-Zulu areas, that is when things could get even uglier than anything we have seen in the USA.

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