Massive rioting in South Africa after Zuma jailed for corruption, military deployed

A most peaceful orgy of violence

The South African government finally deployed the national military this morning after days of massive rioting.

The rioters are supposed to be protesting the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma. The former president has had legal problems for years. He previously avoided prison on a rap charge even though he admitted to raping the woman. A panel of three judges refused to convicts as a mob of Zuma supporters publicly threatened to murder the judge outside the courthouse.

In 2020, a court ruled he could be criminally tried for illegal arms dealing. When a warrant was issued for his arrest, he barricades himself with armed supporters. He eventually surrendered and, on June 29th, sentenced to fifteen months for contempt of court.

Since then, South Africa has seen some of the worst riots in the nation’s history. Several people have been killed. Entire shopping centers have been looted and then burned to the ground.

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