New York Post denounces Rep. Lauren Boebert as “far-right”

Can the Post be called "conservative"

The New York Post described conservative US Congressman Lauren Boebert as “far-right.” They also describe her as a former “teen mom,” but don’t mention that she was married at the time.

The New York Post is often described as a conservative alternative to the the New York Times and the New York Daily News. However, critics say that the Post engages in the exact same left-wing rhetoric, and uses the same tactics of deception and omission to promote the left.

Last year, this website reported that The New York Daily News blatantly promoted a disproven hoax that a Latino student at a Chicago public school did Nazi salutes while wearing a WWII German Uniform. Both claims were blatantly false and the Post’s own video clip even proved that the claims were false.

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