Missing rappers found dead in Detroit

Why are so many rappers being murdered?

Armani Kelly of Oscoda, MI, and Dante Wicker of Melvindale, MI, had been missing for eleven days. They were scheduled to perform at Detroit’s Lounge 31 on January 21st under their stage names Marley Whoop and B12. They allegedly canceled the rap concert due to “equipment failure” and were looking for an open mic night to perform at. Then their cellphones were turned off, and no one could find them.

Police received a tip that the bodies were inside the Northcourse Apartments near Detroit’s Palmers Park. Yesterday, they found the bodies, along with that of Montoya “Junk” Givens, under a pile of old debris in the apartment building’s basement. Givens is said to be a friend of the two rappers.

Police had already found Armani Kelly’s car being driven by a fifteen-year-old in Warren, MI. He has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. His identity has been classified due to age.

Some people on social media believe that Armani Kelly was targeted because of Facebook live videos where he appears to be complaining about snitches. In his latest Facebook video, he is doing a video conference with masked men and agrees to meet with them in Detroit. He says he will bring Givens with him.

Some on social media also dispute that Kelly and Wicker canceled the gig. They accuse Lounge 31 of being an accomplice by luring them to Detroit and then canceling his show at the last minute.

Kelly was recently paroled from a Michigan prison.

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