Tom MacDonald publishes another rap video denouncing Cultural Marxism, 1+ million views in 24 hours

Conservatism is the new punk?

Click here to see our previous commentary about Tom MacDonald. He is a completely independent artist with no corporate backing. His independent rise to fame is probably the biggest social disruption that has been seen in American pop culture in well over two decades.

Currently, his songs Fake Woke and this new song Cancelled are in positions #3 and #5 on the Itunes best selling songs list. They hold positions #2 and #3 on the Itunes rap chart. His recent song Fake Woke hit #1 on Itunes overall for days last month. His latest video received over one million views in the first 24 hours.

Two days ago, Tom MacDonald did an interview with Glen Beck, of all people.

I can’t be canceled, there’s no way that you can stop me
I’m fully independent, there’s no label who can drop me
Y’all been starting rumors, let me help you with some, yeah:
“I’m a racist, I’m a sexist, I’m in love with Donald Trump”
Y’all can’t cancel me, my life is scandal-free
There ain’t no sponsors taking losses ’cause the brand is me
My hands are clean, my family and my fans agree
Y’all can’t cancel me for facts because you’re mad and weak

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