Victoria Secret hires famous outrage queen to quell outrage, but outrage mob turns on its former queen

You just can't make this stuff up!

Recreational outrage tramples everyone under its feet!

Women’s soccer player and recreational outrage leader Megan Rapinoe was the darling of the media. She gained fame and adoration for demanding that women’s soccer players get paid as much as men, even though women’s teams only have a tiny fraction of the audience. She was also praised and hero-worshipped for saying she would refuse an invitation to the White House as long as Donald Trump was president.

So much so that Victoria’s Secret hired her to be their shield against outrage. Except, now recreational outrage enthusiasts have viciously turned on Rapinoe. But also, this was the wrong move for Victoria’s Secret. Outrage enthusiasts have discovered a ten-year-old “racist” tweet made by Rapinoe. In 2011, she joking told a teammate that she looked “Asian” with her eyes closed. An apparent reference to the fact that many East Asians have epicanthic eye folds.

Victoria Secrets hired Megan Rapinoe and a Brazillian transsexual to prove that they “represent all women.”

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