Daily use on Twitter surging despite alleged celebrity boycott

Twitter appears to be fine

Recent excitement has caused a surge in daily Twitter use within the USA and worldwide.

Twitter’s most important metric is Monetized Active Daily Users [mDAU]. This is the number of daily users being served advertisements and creating revenue for Twitter. Twitter gets most of its revenue from America and Europe, while users in third-world nations are much less likely to be monetized. mDAU has surged in the USA and worldwide in the past four months, and especially since the acquisition took place.

Numerous celebrities have claimed they are leaving Twitter forever. So far, Whoopi Goldberg and Gigi Hadid are the only ones who appear to have deleted their account.

Mick Foley claimed he was deleting his account but only deleted one of two accounts and is still using the second one.

Former DNC Chair and six-term governor of Vermont Howard Dean said October 28th was his last day. He is still actively tweeting.

Many others claimed they have left, but their accounts are still active. Some have switched their accounts to private, so if they start tweeting again, the general public won’t see it.

Sara Bareilles
Shonda Rhimes
Toni Braxton
Brian Koppelman
Jameela Jamil
Alex Winter
Ken Olin
Téa Leoni
Erik Larsen
Jaboukie Young-White
Amy Siskind
Shuan King

Would leave if Blue Checkmark required subscription fee:

Stephen King

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