Portland Antifa/BLM holds another riot to support active shooter who was neutralized by police in 2018

So when can the police shoot someone?

On September 30th, 2018, police responded to a fight in a parking lot. When officers arrived they discovered two black male gunshot victims and the shooter Patrick K. Kimmons, a 27-year-old black male. Two Portland police officers fired at Kimmons, hitting him nine times. He died at the scene.

Security cameras show police rushing towards the sound of gunfire, as the shooter emerges from between two cars right in front of them. The shooter does not surrender, he does not drop his gun, and he begins zig-zagging between some other cars. Bullets fired by two officers hit Kimmons in the chest, leg, side, and buttock, as he was weaving around.

The two police officers maintain that they believed Kimmons was about to open fire on them. A grand jury cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Kimmons had fired five shots injuring Dante Emanuel Hall, 32, and Marcell Branch. Hall was a convicted felon on Federal parole. He was sent back to prison for having a gun in violation of his federal supervision. This was his fifth firearms-related charge. This was also the second time Hall had been shot.  He previously suffered a gunshot wound at age 17.

Many would call this a textbook example of police using their guns to defend both themselves and others. However, left-wing activists, and some media outlets, have portrayed Kimmons as a saint-like man cruelly gunned down by police for no good reason. They also floated completely false claims about Kimmons being shot in the back with hands up. All of these falsehoods were disproven when surveillance video was released.

Maybe Kimmons was going to shoot at the police, maybe he wasn’t. How would the police know? He already just shot two people and was still holding the gun.

On February 4th, Antifa & BLM held a “Justice for Patrick Simmons” event in which they rioted and illegally blocked traffic in downtown Portland. Why now? Why not? They have been rioting weekly since last May.

If police are not allowed to shoot a black suspect in order to save the lives of themselves and two other black men, when is a self-defense shooting actually justified. Essentially, the far-left is saying that police should never be allowed to shoot a black male suspect. Never mind that when Antifa & BLM took over a multi-block section of Seattle for weeks, they killed a 19-year-old black male, a 16-year-old back male, caused serious, near-fatal gunshot injuries to a 14-year-old black male, and caused lesser gunshot injuries to multiple other black males. When the 16 & 14-year-old black males were shot, Antifa and other left-wing Twitter accounts called it “self-defense.” After each shooting, everyone refused to cooperate with police, and the shootings are going unsolved.

For much of the month of June, police stood by and watched as multiple city blocks were turned into a permanent twenty-four-hour a day Black Lives Matter protest. Several different mob fights broke out between rival left-wing groups, as well as what appears to have been rival left-wing gangs competing to sell drugs.

A motorist was shot and injured on June 7th.

On June 20th, two different people were shot in two different incidents. Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr, a 19-year-old black male, was killed.

On June 21st, a fourth person was shot. On June 23rd, a fifth person was shot.

On June 29th, a sixth and seventh person was shot. Antonio Mays Jr., a 16-year-old black male was killed. An unnamed 14 year old black male was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Antifa & Far-left Twitter accounts called this a self-defense shooting by the security team.

Why are they not marching for 16-year-old Antonio Mays Jr, a black male shot death by Antifa/BLM “security?”

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