Woman that shot a man last Sept, shoots and kills 12 year old

She was never charged after shooting the first person

Tywoana Anderson-Jakes, 50, lives on a large rural property off Highway 80 in Phenix City, AL. On September 24th, 2022, she shot Riley Graham, 30, in the leg. A local ABC affiliate called it “a trespassing dispute.” Jakes claimed “self-defense” and was never charged with a crime.

Then, on February 1st, 2023, three young boys allegedly walked through part of her property to get to Dollar General to buy potato chips. She shot Conner Mullins, 12, in the neck. He died immediately at the scene.

She told police that she went outside with her gun because she thought the boys would break into her shed. Then Jakes says she shot Mullins because she thought she heard gunfire. When the three boys saw Jakes with a gun, two of them sprinted away. Mullins apparently froze in place and crouched down.

Jakes has been charged with capital murder. Prosecutors say they will now re-open her previous shooting of Graham.

Jakes had her first court hearing this morning, and Russell County Circuit Judge Zack Collins Sr. denied bond. The next hearing is scheduled for March 6th.

Russell County District Attorney Rick Chancey says Jakes showed no remorse. He says she told police, “I have a dead 12-year-old boy who was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.”

Family members of Jakes say her son was murdered in 2011, and she has never been the same.

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