Another habitually arrested thug accused of murder

Who could have seen this coming?

On August 7th, Austin Townsend, 21, was found shot in the head in Greenville, NC. He died later at the hospital.

Police have charged Shaki Jones with first degree murder and being a felon in possession of a gun. He is being held on a $250k bond.

Jones has been convicted of a felony six separate times and had his parole revoked for violations twice. Just imagine all the others crimes in which he was never caught and all the charges that were undoubtedly plea bargained away.

He was in prison the following years:

4/27/06 – 6/30/09
4/19/2011 – 9/13/2012
9/13/2012 – 6/07/2013
6/7/2013 – 1/02/2015
4/26/2016 – 1/4/2017
3/15/2017 – 6/13/2017
1/2/2018 – 6/20/2018
12/4/2019 – 10/11/2020

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1 year ago

Shaki? Really!