Massacre of over 46 Shiites in Afghanistan was carried out by a Chinese Uyghur

Jihadists hope to exploit Taliban/Chinese relationship

On October 8th, a suicide bomber detonated himself in a packed Shiite mosque outside of Kunduz. ISIS claimed responsibility.

Afghan media reported that 46 people died at the scene, and nearly 150 other people were injured. Since then, more people have died of their injuries.

Yesterday, Iranian planes with humanitarian aid and medical personnel arrived at the Kunduz airport to support the victims and their families. ISIS also revealed that the suicide bomber was a Chinese Uyghur.

The bomber, who went by Muhammed al Uyghuri, recorded a message saying the attack was in response to cooperation between the Taliban and the CCP.

This suggests that international Jihadist groups are hoping to undermine the Taliban by exploiting their relationship with China.

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