Kiev publishes video of an American Switchblade drone killing a Moldovan citizen on Russian soil

Moldovan Foreign Ministry has confirmed death

Guest Column From Renaissance Horizon…

This is a weird one. Usually, when Ukraine hits targets inside Russia, they deny responsibility. This time Kiev published a video of an attack on Russian soil, but the victims were citizens of Moldova. Cellphone video of the scene shows that Kiev violated its agreement with the USA not to use American weapons for attacks on Russian soil.

You see three people in plain clothes getting something out of the truck of a car at a customs office in Bryansk Oblast, roughly three miles from the border of Ukraine. One video angle shows the people being targeted, while video from a different angle records the actual explosion and aftermath.

The three people are knocked down. Two of them crawl away. One eventually stands up and then ducks behind another car. One person remains lifeless. Kiev presented the video as an attack on Russian intelligence officers.

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry has confirmed that one citizen was killed and one citizen was hospitalized in the attack. Both pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian social media accounts are claiming an American Switchblade 300 was used.

There is a cellphone video that appears to show the same car with blood all over the ground. You can see the front end of a Switchblade 300 with blood on it.

The Switchblade 300 is a small 5.5-pound “loitering/suicide” anti-personnel drone with a range of up to six miles. They are launched from a small mortar tube using compressed air. Afterward, you have a short amount of time to find a target and suicide the drone. The drone sends video back to the user.

Note that the Switchblade 600 is far bigger and stays in the air much longer. This is used to target heavy equipment. America has given both versions to Ukraine.

This seems like a colossal bungle on the part of Kiev. They used an American weapon on Russian soil, hit citizens of another country, and then published a video bragging about it.

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