High profile SC State Rep advocates campaign finance fraud and other crimes while speaking to a prison inmate!

Leaked audio

SC State Rep Krystle Matthews lives in Ladson, SC, and represents District 117 for the Democrat Party. House Districts in South Carolina are among the most gerrymandered in the country. A large percentage of general elections for the House are unopposed. District 117 is about 51% non-White and is intended to be a Democrat Party district.

Matthews also nearly won the Democrat Party primary to be her party’s candidate for the US Senate. She lost the race by 1.7% on June 14th.

In a leaked video between Matthews and an inmate at the Perry Correctional Institution in Pelzer, SC, Matthews makes numerous shocking comments even though she would have known that her conversation was being recorded! The conversation took place last February.

Matthews complains that Black drug dealers are not giving her campaign donations, saying, “give me that dope boy money.” She then advocates that Black drug dealers commit campaign finance fraud by placing contributions under the names of family members.

Then she advocates for a campaign of vandalism against Republican campaign signs.

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