France halts sale of iPhone 12 over radiofreq radiation level

Is your phone killing your sperm cells?

Click here to see a larger picture of the diagram shown above, which was published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology.

On September 12th, the French government’s Agency of National Frequencies [ANFR] ordered a halt in the sales of the iPhone 12. The ANFR found that the iPhone 12’s specific absorption rate [SAR], which measures radiofrequency energy absorbed by a body, exceeds standards set by the European Union. In a test of 141 of the phones, ANFR concluded that the phone put out 5.74 watts per kilogram. The legal limit is 4.

The ANFR has given Apple a formal notice to withdraw the model from sale and to bring the iPhone 12 units already sold in the region into compliance.

Numerous studies have suggested that cell phone radiofrequency radiation has a significant negative affect on sperm count and quality.

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