Bay Area Apple stores are getting hit constantly

How did it get this bad?

Apple Stores all over the Bay Area are being targeted by brazen looting. Typically, one or more perps grab a large amount of merchandise while someone waits for them in a getaway car.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Apple stores in five counties are suffering attacks. These include Alameda, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Francisco.

The Berkeley Apple store was hit at least three times in January and twice in December. However, a local media outlet reports that would-be looters were stopped at the door and prevented from entering the store in two other incidents in January. The only suspect, a Black male, has been arrested as a result of these January attacks.

The Emeryville, CA Apple Store shut down in September. It re-opened on January 10th and was looted on January 23rd.

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