Portland Apple Store to replace massive fence with new armored glass security enclosure

Apple's massive fence is a now a symbol of Portland's decline

The Portland Apple store in Pioneer Place was once one of the country’s most photographed and iconic Apple stores. It had an elegant and inviting glass façade.

This changed dramatically in May 2020. The store was smashed up and looted by Black Lives Matter rioters. The location remained boarded up for nearly nine months as city officials allowed BLM and Antifa to continue rioting with impunity.

In February of 2021, it re-opened, but with a giant imposing fence and security guards. Customers routinely state that they feel as if they are entering prison. The massive wall around the once iconic Apple store now symbolizes Portland’s rapid decline into chaos.

Work began this week on a secondary “security enclosure” around the original glass façade. This will consist of armored polycarbonate glass. Essentially, there will be two glass facades, but the outer façade will be armored glass thirty inches in front of the original. This project was originally announced last May at a meeting of the Downtown Neighborhood Association.

The giant fence will be removed once the project is completed. Security guards will still be able to stand between the original store and the new armored glass in the same way they stand between the fence and the store.

What the new armored façade will look like. The armored glass will be thirty inches in front of the original glass panels.

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