Czech Gypsy community rallies around man killed by Ukrainian

"He taught me to screw over the Whites"

The Gypsy community in the Czech Republic held a memorial for a man killed by a Ukrainian. It turned into an anti-Ukrainian rally. Essentially, the Gypsy community is angry that the Czech Republic is spending a lot of money to support Ukrainian war refugees. This is less money that could be spent on handouts to the Gypsies.

However, a close friend of the victim gave a speech in which he stated, “naučil si mě jak podělávat gadže.” The word “gadže” is slang for White people. “Podělávat” is also a slang term loosely translated to “screw over.” It means to cheat, trick, or steal.

Gypsy is short for Egyptian because the Osmanli/Ottoman Turks called them “Egyptians.” The exact reason is lost to history. The Gypsy community has multiple different false origin stories. They came from northern India. The Mongols and their allies predated on this population for slaves. When the Mongols were eventually forced back to East Asia, they abandoned many of their slaves in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. These people became what are now called Gypsies. The new term “Romani” is meant to be a politically correct term for Gypsy.


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