We have documented 200 confirmed Black on White homicides in 2023 so far

Black on White homicides are the most censored by the media

National Conservative has documented 430 confirmed interracial homicides in 2023 so far. We are creating the most comprehensive and detailed picture ever of interracial homicide.

Previously, when we hit 400, we found that Blacks made up 66% of suspects but only 12.3% of victims. When we hit the 600 mark, we will calculate the percentages again.

We also have dozens of suspected Black-on-White homicides where no suspect has been arrested, or the suspect’s identity is classified due to age. Keep in mind that Blacks who commit homicides, on average, due so at a younger age than other races. This means they are more likely to have their identity protected and be let off easily. Also, homicides by Blacks are more likely to occur at the spur of the moment than homicides by other races. This is why Blacks are less likely to face the death penalty than killers from other races. These types of homicides are harder to solve. In many majority Black-cities, clearance rates are abysmal, and well over half of all killers are getting away with it. In Pennsylvania, it can be easily demonstrated that murders committed by  Blacks are far less likely to be solved than murders committed by Whites or Latinos.

Full Tally: 431

Black-on-White: 200
Black-on-Latino: 57
Black-on-Central Asian: 6
Black-on-East Asian: 12
Black-on-Middle Easterner: 7
Black-on-Pacific Islander: 2
Black-on-American Indian: 1
Latino-on-White: 43
Latino-on-Black: 21
Latino-on-East Asian: 6
American Indian-on-White: 4
Alaskan Native-on-White: 1
East Asian-on-Latino: 3
East Asian-on-White: 3
East Asian-on-Black: 1
Central Asian-on-Black: 1
Pacific Islander on White: 2
Middle Eastern-on-White: 3
White-on-Black: 29
White-on-Latino: 25
White-on-Central Asian: 3
White-on-Pacific Islander: 1

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