Juneteenth “street takeover” ends with 29 injured, 1 killed

Juneteenth: America's most deadly federal holiday

A mass shooting occurred at an unauthorized Juneteenth celebration in unincorporated DuPage County near Willowbrook, IL. This is a majority White suburban area of Chicago.

It is being called an “illicit street takeover.” As many as three hundred Blacks took over an area and did stunts with their cars, threw trash everywhere, and got into fights.

Eventually, it escalated to a mass shooting.

It is unclear how many people were injured by gunfire. One Black male, named Reginald Meadows, was killed. Initial reports said that at least ten others were taken to hospitals with gunshot wounds. Two are listed as critical. More people were treated for minor gunshot wounds at the scene. However, media outlets keep reporting higher and higher numbers for the total amount of gunshot injuries.

One victim, Nichelle Peterson, says she was grazed in the shoulder while sitting in her car. Her car has over two dozen bullet holes.

Nearby apartments and businesses were also hit by bullets.


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