NYC Mayor: “Juneteenth was one of our deadliest days”

America's most violent federal holiday

Juneteenth, a new pro-Black federal holiday created in the wake of murderous nationwide BLM riots, was the deadliest day in NYC in 2023 so far.

Five people were murdered on this day. At least another six were wounded by gunfire.


Alexander House, 27, was shot outside a deli in the Bronx. Police are searching for a Black male suspect.

Kevin Roberts, 56 year old Black male, was shot in the Bronx. No details on any suspect.

Howard Ferguson, a 48 year old Black male, shot behind a bodega in the Bronx. The suspect is Oriean Dorsett, a Black male.

Paul Gonzalez, 38 year old Latino male, shot in Harlem. The suspect is Freddie Gaetan, a Black male.

Amiere Hayes, 16 year old Black male, was shot and killed in Brooklyn. Police are searching for two Black male gunmen.

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